We offer comprehensive
financial services.

We provide a range of services to support you through startup, growth and potentially the sale phase of the business across a number of financial areas including tax and business advice, management accounting services, and business strategy and coaching.

We are

We can work with you across a variety of needs at any time of day – including after hours. Our philosophy is to build a long-lasting partnership with you to enable faster outcomes for your business.

We possess key

We possess both in-house skills and strategic key partnerships to support you through growth across a number of financial and business growth requirements.

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With Fusion Financial Group you can spend more time working in your business rather than on it.

Are you paying yourself too little?
Are you paying yourself too little?

Even if your business is about following your passion, you still need to pay yourself fairly, but that figure can be difficult to arrive at. We can help make things clearer and advise on tax implications.

Take some small steps to better wellbeing
Take some small steps to better wellbeing

Research shows that doing something (no matter how small) is the best way to manage anxiety. There is a lot we can’t control right now but there are also things you can do, and simply taking action can help us feel in control and therefore happier.